• Marika Papagika - The Further The Flame, The Worse It Burns Me

Marika Papagika - The Further The Flame, The Worse It Burns Me

Mississippi Records

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"Greek Folk Music in New York City, 1919-28"

A collection of recordings from the mysterious Greek voice of Marika Papagika, a singer who's life spanned from the collapsing Ottoman Empire to the emerging American Empire.
"It is the story of an early attempt to make a star out of an immigrant singer, and effort that nearly succeeded,  but not quite."

"It is an introduction to what remains of one life, derived from magically speaking black discs which say as much about the eternal as the white stone of the Parthenon."

Published via Mississipi Records, this 12" aims to manifest and bring light to the life and songs of Marika, it seems much research and crate digging has - and still is going into this ongoing project.
The recordings certainly convey with them an aura of mystery, coated in ambience and guided along by steady crackle and hiss, these songs take the listener to a place and time, far away.

The Sleeve houses a heavyweight 180gsm Disc, featuring 11 tracks and a full booklet including pictures and words about Marika (or at least what is known of her).

Serious collectors material.

Sleeve looks great too!

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