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Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force - Lamb Ji


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Berlin's Mark Ernestus alongside Senegals' Jeri-Jeri... Implosive rhythmic excursions on the Ndagga imprint -

When one sound has been mastered to it's full extent, such as the Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound stuff for example, then that sound can reside in peace, all imitators shall fall at their own copycat demise, and the creator can make the due move to mastery of a new style of sound.
Leaving the heavily roots / basic channel influenced Rhythm & Sound moniker that still sits firmly in many a music-minded persons record shelf since the 90's, whilst the master lacquer is still put to good use, with frequent represses for those who haven't had their copies yet, and taking the best sensibilities of such sound to make a new form, Mark Ernestus does the right thing - moving forward, linking up with these african masters of percussion, rhythmic-instrumentation and voice.

The link-up with Jeri-Jeri and their Mbalax style is a very welcome one, and long-time fans of the many foundations of African rhythm, and the masterful mixing technique of Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound boss Mark Ernestus can now move on to his latest incarnation, with his Ndagga Rhythm Force in deadly formation.

His ability to fixate on the purest elements of a piece of music and make it shimmer with understated, yet overwhelming energy is in full show here once again, exposing the intricacies and excellence of the Jeri-Jeri instrument players and the soft, tuneful tones of Mbenne Diata Seck on vocals to their most crucial extent.

Bare-bones rhythm, introvert yet somehow upliftingly life-affirming frequencies that will get your baby out of pram for a skank as well as getting the skeletons out of the graveyard for a ritualistic shake-up, or something like that.

This one for the mind, body and soul... Beautiful stuff.

Lamb Ji (with Mbene Diatta Seck)

Lamb Rhythm