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Mark Leckey - O' Magic Power Of Bleakness

Death Of Rave

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Fkn excellent piece from up North -

Mark Leckey's 'O' Magic Power Of Bleakness' has been committed to vinyl via the house of Death Of Rave, conjuring up dank dreamscapes, nightmarish rave reminiscence and warped childhood memories in a collage of voice, timestretched rhythms and interjections of bassline - this one's a trip!

"Leckey approaches the piece as "an autobiographical allegory” in an attempt to locate the enduring enigma of sub/urban British life with uncanny insight. Alongside his own narration, a plethora of Scouse-kids play out the story of an aspirational kid who escapes the Wirral not to London, but to the faerie realm spoken of in Northern European folklore. When he crashes down to earth, his friends don't understand who, or what, he's become. It ultimately concludes in a symphonic supernatural riot, culminating a sort of metaphysical transformation common to Traditional Ballads and reminding us of the angel/redemption sequence at the end of Lynch’s ‘Fire Walk With Me’."

We've got exactly one copy left here, after some of our mates already snatched most of ours up before they went up on this site - who wants a piece of this gold then?

Side 1
1. "O' Magic Power Of Bleakness" (16:20)

Side 2
1. "Bridge Transmission" (Steve Guy Hellier Rebroadcast mix) (5:18)
2. "Sirens Into Bliss" (5:02)

O' Magic Power Of Bleakness

Bridge Transmission (Steve Guy Hellier Rebroadcast mix)

Sirens Into Bliss