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Mars89 - End Of The Death

Bokeh Versions

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Uncompromising and overly gully dancehall variants from Japan's Mars89, back on Bokeh Versions. Housed in an overly sick sleeve from Patrick Saville -


Or, as the label put it - 'ft. 5 tracks from this ascendant Tokyo star with his signature blend of gutter sonics, Street Fighter combos, Pulse X throbs and gqom patterns. '. It's the first appearance from Mars89 on the label since early 2017 and, save for a short run of dubplates, his first vinyl appearance. As the tracks prove, it's been well worth waiting for and Bokeh have done a tip-top job of presenting it - 5 tracks, cut nice and loud - primed for the decks, either at home of in the dance.

End Of The Death

Run To Mall

Visitor From The Ocean

Random Coherence