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Martin Campbell - West Kingston Dub

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Wicked reissue of  certified dubs via Channel One -

One of our favourite JA / UK reggae artists has got to be Martin Campbell.

His style as a musician, both vocally and as a producer, is one that is authentic and original, both towards himself as a strong-minded artist but also to a sound that he honours... the sound of early Roots Radics and Channel One for example.. a Jamaican sound.

The dubs on these albums are sparse and effective... but not as a means to an escape from 'musicianship', it's an aesthetic choice, Martin Campbell is a trained musician himself... it's more the fact that he knows how to accentuate each part of a track, letting the bass and drum take full control, introducing melody at it's most striking points.

Originally released on the Channel One / Top Beat Label in 1996, after the deletion of a lot of Channel One back catalogue prior to its re-formation as the Log On label in the early 2000s, this wonderful LP is now re-issued in a limited edition due to high demand.

These tracks, all written by Martin Campbell under his Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics outlet, can be seen as an ode to his respect for that early Roots Radics / Scientist sound, a musical statement by Martin Campbell...

Heavy pieces of dub, crucial!

Special Edition of 300.
Includes 14-page booklet explaining the story of Martin Campbell with personal notes and back catalogue.
Red Vinyl.

Side 1:
King David
Fight Fight
Joker Soldier
False Leader
Oil Seed Dub
Side 2:
African Race
Don's Dub
Conquering Dub
Acros The Sea

King David / Fight Fight / Joker Soldier

False Leader / Oil Seed Dub

Don's Dub / African Race

Across The Sea / 7&9 / Conquering Dub