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Martina Lussi - Diffusion Is A Force

Latency France

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Brand new on Latency Recordings comes a second LP from Martina Lussi - "Diffusion Is A Force".

Combining equal parts off-kilter pop, ambient, drone and smeary post-rock, Martina weaves her unique sound palette into a range of sounds and moods, from the beautiful melodies and intimate vocals of opener "Black Opium" to the rich drifting textures of "Expectation Or Obsession".

The whole LP feels densely packed with detail, unexpected harmonies & gripping dissonances... There's a vivaciousness to Martina Lussi's music which makes it so exciting and captivating -
There are moments that recall chamber music, offset by loose, intimate keyboard melodies and washes of human cheer in 'Expectation Or Obsession' for example - an unlikely, yet highly effective combination of frequencies that resonate with our brain wiring in a way that stirs a hard to define, yet very striking tumult of emotion and thought processes -
Brain music at it's best.

Fans of Blackest Ever Black's output, Julia Holter, Grouper and Anthony Naples dubbier efforts should take instant note... everyone else must give it a try too - superb stuff.

1. Black Opium
2. Care
3. Higher Energy
4. Expectation or Obsession
5. Interlude
6. Classic Intense
7. Anarchy for Her
8. Movement in Mono (Stereomix)
9. Opening

Black Opium


Expectation Or Obsession

Anarchy For Her