• Mecanica Popular - Baku: 1922
  • Mecanica Popular - Baku: 1922

Mecanica Popular - Baku: 1922

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2nd album of after-hours studio experiments from legendary Madrid industrial outfit Mechanica Popular aka Eugenio Muñoz (from Randomize) and Luis Delgado - from Finis Africae...
P.S.:Who remembers that Finis Africae record we had in here in our early days, around 2013? If you got a copy of that one from us, email us and we'll give you a discount code for this one.

More criminally slept on than their cult classic debut, Baku 1922 benefitted from 3 years distance; where industrial music had developed significantly and the duo had limited access to a DS:3 sampler. As a result, Baku's maze of sound sources comes with more focused pulsing synthwave beats underlying the sampledelic soundworld collages; inspired by the machinery Delgado heard while working at a cassette factory.

The LP re-issue's liner notes provide an essential guide to the ethos and sample banks of this Spanish experimental masterpiece: printing presses, pistons, Brazilian berimbaus, Polaroid cameras, harmonized hurdy-gurdys and the Soviet occupation of Azerbaijan. It's a dizzying headfuck of a ride, and fascinating to know the mind-parallels between underground Madrid and the flourishing industrial scene in the UK (Throbbing Gristle, the Cabs, Test Dept etc.)

Further listening / For fans of: SPK, Spanish harsh industrial legends Esplendor Geométrico, early Touch records comps, Brian Eno & David Byrne, General Strike.

The Wah Wah edition has been mastered from the original tapes by Eugenio Muñoz, reproduces the original sleeve artwork and and features an insert with photos and info. It is a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only.



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