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Megatraveller - The Return Of The Megatraveller

Central Processing Unit

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From Japan To Skegness -

New tape on the imprint that brought us music from the likes of DMX Krew and Plant 43 - 'Central Processing Unit' deliver this piece of madness on cassette, via the Japanese 'Megatraveller' (who now resides in Skegness)...

Not for the faint-hearted, this is experimental music in the true sense of the word, a journey through the impossible, breaking chains wherever possible, 'Return Of The Megatraveller' aims to confuse, bewilder and amaze... at times sounding like a shredded, chipped Sega Megadrive put through it's paces with distortion pedals and other aggressive processing chains exporting the initial rhythms and patterns into oblivion, somehow creating it's own mesh of sound and sonics that form into something recognisable... and before you know it an acid synthline steps in, bringing back a feeling of familiarity - and then, there it is again a melody that sounds like a distant sonic the hedgehog, being played on an arcade machine buried under the weight of industrial junk and unhinged electronic residue.

Don't get us wrong, whilst it has it's moments of subdued simplicity and beauty, from the lonely melodies to the low-frequncy solitude that calm the electric storm every so often, at times the sheer noise and destructivity of this tape can really grind and offend, but that is the point - those who endure shall be rewarded with an outcome that is somehow very uplifting and victorious, it's not an easy journey but it's worth your time...

'Return Of The Megatraveller' is a sketch of noise and melody, a twisted insight into the capabilities of electronics at their limits.

Design by Human.
Mastered at The Bowling Green, Sheffield.

Edition of 100.
Served on white printed cassette, housed in a white / clear shell.
Includes white printed card fold.

01 The Troll From Impanema
02 Lasso FX
03 Acid When
04 Hiss Galaxy
05 Acid Device
06 Signal Path To Glory
07 Crust Collider
08 Super Sludge
09 End II
10 Gangster Club Theme
11 Deep Chord Thrombosis
12 Rebound 2
13 Double Dash

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Clip 4