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Mei Tahat - Dayworld

Berceuse Heroique

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Dayworld marks the recording debut of a joint effort between Jordan Czamanski of Juju & Jordash and Ilya Ziblat Shay, a psychedelic, avant-garde exploration of a vast range of styles.

Title track Dayworld touches on the post-impressionist 20th century music of Olivier Messiaen and the shrill drones of composers such as Krzysztof Penderecki and György Ligeti, combining searching jazz-inflected melodic contours with the ambiguous tonal sound-worlds set out by these composers at the height of their careers. The waves of lush harmonics and gorgeous motivic development keep the record a few feet from the precipice though, with Mei Tahat astutely recognising when to pull back the reins and showing remarkable compositional restraint, even in this ostensibly improvisatory context.

Track 2 pushes a jazz-via-John-Cage vibe if it was presented on a tape cassette, swathes of spring reverb enveloping the pointillist licks of double bass and the off-kilter hi-hat shuffle. As the track unfurls, the groove is swamped by a sharp-edged synth line, its phrasing constantly shifting across bars to give a timeless feel to the music. Brilliant stuff.

On the flip we've got the massively fun I:Cube Remix of Dayworld, arming the A1 with an upbeat, funky percussive section, sucking some of the droning dissonance out of the original and pushing the birdsong to the fore - this'll be great for the dance floor, no question. Last but not least we return with the brief and brilliantly named "Shit Birds" - this is the strangest of them all, taking those pointillist phrases and contorting, stretching and generally messing the sh*t out of them until they take on an ethereal quality that evokes the most haunting work of Sun Ra.

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Track 2

Dayworld (I:Cube Rude remix)

Shit Bird