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Memotone - Four Tales


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"In this class of my pastoral legends, I must take a date, in some instances, a century earlier than the generality of those of the other classes, and describe a state of manners more primitive and visionary than any I have witnessed, simple and romantic as these have been; and I must likewise relate scenes so far out of the way of usual events, that the sophisticated gloss and polish thrown over the modern philosophical mind, may feel tainted by such antiquated breathings of superstition. Nevertheless, be it mine to cherish the visions yet in reserve, far in the ocean of eternity, beyond the stars and the sun. For, after all, what is the soul of man without these? What but a cold phlegmatic influence, so inclosed within the walls of modern scepticism, as scarcely to be envied by the spirits of the beasts that perish?" from Mary Burnet by James Hogg."

The Brownie of the Black Haggs

The Cameronian Preachers Tale

Mary Burnet