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Memotone - Invisible Cities


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Great piece of multi-faceted introspectiveness from Bristol's Memotone aka Half Nelson -

Following on from his 'Luaka / Sidewise Dub' release on Tokyo-based Diskotopia, multi-instrumentalist and production maverick Memotone has now stepped forward with a full album strange harmonies, gliding ambience and organic rhythms.

Across 10 tracks, Memotone circles swerves and sways through tripped out, yet soothing shapes & forms. Across 'Invisible Cities' we find a whole host of sludged, sliced and oozing sounds, somewhere in between electronics and acoustics. The record gave us big Chi Factory & Jon Hassel feelings from the start, and that had us hooked straight away.
At times sounding like a Sun Ra tape chucked into the MPC and dished back with extra wooziness and new orchestration ('Niigghht'), then taking the subdued jazz into what sounds like one of those freeform whirlwind interludes by CAN, or perhaps Yasuaki Shimizu on Valium (no pop arrangement in sight) with Pyrrha, Memotone peruses different sound sources and musical moods that are informed by his vast listening habits and perhaps a bit of Bristol's vast music scene over the years. He also cites the Italo Calvino 'Invisible Cities' as an influence - we've not read it yet, but we might just have to now, if it reads anything like this slow-motion world viewed through Memotone's hazey musical lens.

All tracks written & performed by William Yates.
Wrapped One Within the Other features the voice of Stac Dowdeswell.
Recorded in the Cotham Grove studio in Bristol, UK.
Photography by Ellen Yates.
Artwork by Matt Lyne.

1. Eusapia 05:36
2. Shadowed Grass 03:32
3. Where Memory Is Traded 03:21
4. Measure for Measure 08:21
5. Cities and the Sky 04:17
6. Niigghht 04:31
7. Peaches of Immortality 05:28
8. Pyrrha 03:49
9. Hidden Cities 03:42
10. Wrapped One Within the Other 01:30


Shadowed Grass

Where Memory Is Traded

Hidden Cities