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Metrist - Pollen Pt II


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Quality, quality gear from Metrist on Timedance -

Always a nice occasion when a new TD record arrives at HQ here, and this latest excursion from Metrist, a staple on the label and who also appeared under the L.Sae alias on one of the earliest Timedance records from about 5 years ago now - wow, that brings back some memories!

Anyway, let's stop pondering on the past, who needs that?!
This one is about as 2020 as it gets. What is 2020 though? You know what, let's say this one is about as 2021, or 2022 as it gets. Feels better.
What we're trying to say in a very convoluted way here - been in between these speakers for a bit too long I think - is that this the kind of futureproof, yet totally timely (pun wasn't intended, but it is now) gear that we've come to love and expect from Metrist, who has found his perfect home with Timedance, the label that young Batu build from ground up, to being one of the most respected labels in the scene - partly due to tunes like this, from this ever-growing family of musically and technically advanced nutters.

The first cut KJ Receder, opens up with x-amount of sweat-inducing, hands-in-the-fucking-air kinda feeling, with a proper electrified, and fully-alive synthline that staccato's it's way around a thumpin' kick drum, and zipped up squarewaves that sound like they've been kept in Mr. Oizo's fridge for the last couple of decades, waiting for the right time to burst out and raise some smiles, move some legs.
Well here it is, and it was worth the wait. Raise a glass, but be careful because that drink will spill when the crowd starts moshin'.

Next up, another naughty-naughty tune, titled 'QQraasi Qraasi' and showing off with some very-very crisp sound design, almost reaching Sophie kinda levels of pop-extremism, and coupling them with the kind of bounce we haven't heard since 'Claptrap'.... Or was it the one on the flip - forgot the name - anyway, big compliment right there!

Last, but not least, Metrist goes at it with a bit of added gut-punch energy, steppin' up the pace with a killer of a kick drum (damn, he's good at those) and proper weirdo sound collages.
This one will have you gurning and rushing by the time that widescreen hardcore pad comes swarming in and flexing round your brain -
no drugs needed though, safe for the homezone rave - no worries.

Killer stuff, don't sleep.

KJ Receder

QQraasi Qraasi

VV Squi