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MF Doom - Special Herbs Vol. 9 & O


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Special Edition ruff & rugged instro's from MF DOOM, vol. 9. & o -

Y'all know the deal, when MF Doom gets on the Akai MPC it's 'vibes 0' clock' -

Over the years he's put a firm mark on Black american music, touching the Hip Hop world with his certified flavour and bringing a whole load of fans in from across the globe.

Drawing from classics such as 'Take Me To Your Leader' 'Operation Doomsday' and many more cuts, this edition of instrumentals, issued via the Metal Fingers imprint, features a heap of gems and some forgotten treasures from the early 'KMD' days of MF Doom.

Full-time classic material, all in it's instrumental glory.

Two discs + a bonus 7" - Special edition stylee.

One of those records that will sit very comfortably on your shelf, always ready to bang on the decks, no matter what time of year.

Side One:
1: Vinca Rosea" – 3:00
2: Burdock Root" – 3:32
3 :Vervain" – 2:59
Side Two:
1:Bergamot" – 3:33
2:Podina" – 2:07
3:Untitled (Meditation)" – 3:56
4:Coltsfoot Leaf" – 3:41
Side Three:
1:Orris Root Powder" – 3:37
2:Passion Flower" – 4:04
3:Yellow Dock" – 4:22
Side Four:
1:Datura Stramonium" – 3:02
2:Coca Leaf" – 3:51
3:Peach Extract" – 4:07

Bonus Disc:
A: Smokin' That Shit
B: It Sounded Like A Roc

Clips Side 1

Clips Side 2

Clips 3

Bonus Disc Side 1 & 2