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An excursion through the many sounds of Detroit over the last 3 decades, his debut LP for Don't Be Afraid sees the motor city native MGUN pull no punches - raw, hard-as-funk and full of subtle nuance, definitely one of our albums of the year. Here's Manuel Gonzales' own words about the recording of the album:

"About half of these tracks were made in my childhood home between 2007 and2010. Most were recorded on cassette then digitized on a Windows millennium edition PC. I would record these to the standard WAV recorder you can find in the sound preferences, which from there it was possible to use primitive effects to manipulate the audio file."

"The other half were produced in my current home studio, using somewhat of the same system I used back then, one take for the most part. There is hardly any multi-tracking involved with any of my productions. I use a basic WAV editor to manipulate recordings as well as various analog recording mediums beforehand."

Techno, Electro, House and everything in between gets an interpretation on this record:

Past Due is a doom-laden sample-based Techno brock-out, ultimate 5am business - that kick bruises on a system, trus' dat.

Nvr is up there with Gonzales' best electro tracks - distorted 808 cowbells infiltrate the mind like a retro-futurist warning alarm, offset against overdriven but tightly controlled drum hits - peak time business for the adventurous House/Techno/Bass/ DJ.

P.S - Check out Max Kelan's brilliant vid for Past Due here - it sets the tone pretty much perfectly.


Half Past 3

Don't Hurt Yo Self

Past Due