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Mgun - Resin EP


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Brand new 6-track 12" by Mgun on DBA -

Manuel Gonzalez aka Mgun returns from The Trilogy Tapes and Wild Oats to make another impression on the Don't Be Afraid label with this versatile 6 track EP.

Ranging from scuzzy acid jams through to edgier house and techno territory, each track on this disc moves in a unique way, although there is certainly a thread that runs through his productions - squashed, in places decimated to it's raw components for maximum impact and effect.

Each side of the disc begins with a shorter off-kilter meditation of his dancefloor material that inhabits the rest of the grooves, cut loud and clear - making this a great 12" to listen to as well as a giving it flexibility in the club.

When deployed at the right time of night, these cuts could turn a dancefloor into a frenzy!

Served in printed card sleeve.
Mastered by Lupo at Calyx.

In The Road
90 Sumtin

Funkshun / Assumptions


In The Road / Flutter

90 Sumtin