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Micachu - Feeling Romantic - Cassette


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Absolute raw diamond from Micachu’s earlier years, reeled off around the time of the Under The Skin OST, now reissued via the always-excellent DDS imprint, in remastered shape, on cassette with new artwork.

Originally released around 2008, ‘Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill’ perfectly showcases the grander-than-grand, yet brittle and below the radar string manipulations, the melodic & rhythmic synthesis of unlikely sounds, and that constant feeling of paranoid euphoria and stoned brilliance which Micachu / Mica Levi controls in that unique way.

The musical works from around that time, the film scores and collabs with likeminded nutters such as Dean Blunt, Arca and of course involvement with Tirzah contributed to Mica Levi’s (deserved) cult status, and you can get a feel for their timeless originality with this excavated gem on tape, now once again.

To our ears, this is a masterful display of honest & personal cinematics, peppered with punk attitude. It’s grand and it’s big, but in a kind of bedroom-sound way... Totally f*cking with any preconceptions of the poshness that come with connotations of classical music on Side A, before swirling the opening drama into something altogether more sombre and low slung on subsequent sides, chopping & screwing its way through scenarios of lights-off vibes, and high-as-a-kite downbeat.

Dipping through warped orchestral swarms of strings through to the most hair-raisingly intimate solo string configurations, looped, filtered and broken apart, Micachu manage to harness total immediacy with their music through rawness delivered with an utterly deadly knack for tearing at out emotions via deft arrangement of sound, and mood.

Wether in almost-harsh solace or in an embrace with the reverberations, echoes and harmonics of their own core, the cut & paste musique concrete of FRFTFI works within its own scale, its own timeline and its own rhythm.

... Your brain is the axis around which the music dances... You might as well join in, but beware - this music might change your DNA.

Mean - (Feeling Romantic)