• Michael J Blood, Rat Heart, Sockethead - True Volume 1

Michael J Blood, Rat Heart, Sockethead - True Volume 1

Shotta Tapes

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More high-grade goods from the $hotta HQ, sent to us in a box a few weeks back, before we locked it away and hid the keys, until our new site was ready to launch (if you're reading this, it has).

This one should already be on your radar if you've been tuned into the loose, refreshingly raw creations of the crew from Manchester around Tom Boogizm, YOUTH and the likes - the latter of which was the label that introduced us to Sockethead, who adds vocal sludge to the instrumentalism of Michael J Blood and Tom 'Rat Heart' Boogizm.

This one's loose and full of low slung groove, wigged out electronics, unique creative attitude and just sounding real to the bone, and coming from the heart. It's the kind of stuff tapes were made for, if you ask us - that real DIY, straight from studio to tape, imminent type vibe (Although Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare fame mastered these for extra oomph, which we're not complaining about of course).

Edition of 125.