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Microdeform - Neural Regression


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50mins of high grade wax & hardware abuse from Microdeform -

The latest DIY run of cassettes from our friend Ross at Bumtapes, comes 100% correct.
Perusing a range of hardware, turntables and f*cked up signal chains, Microdeform delivers 8 tracks that seamlessly glide through altered head-states over the course of it's duration... Minimalist yet colossal statues fade in and out during the duration of Neural Regresssion, Microdeform deals with a great amount of restraint over the course of this cassette. Although the compositions are often relatively bare-bones, the interchanging grey-blue atmospherics and imploding bursts of fizz & crackle, tripped excerpts of classical, jazz or even just the vinyl's run out groove keep the ears in tune whilst the brain can drift off. Due to the nature and the variables of equipment used, everything sounds tactile and organic, keeping the dynamics and movements unpredictable throughout, a real hands-on DIY piece of off-the cuff samplism and re-arranging of found sounds.

Big tip!

Comes with DL code.
Served on blue tape, with blue J-Card and a lush screenprinted outer sleeve.
Edition of about 50 or so...

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