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Mighty Buha - Teleport The Planet


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D.I.Y. Funk & Disco edits, from space, via OffSeason, Graz -

We almost overlooked this little gem here, when suddenly a package arrived at HQ containing this tape and a type-written info note.

We're certainly glad to have got our hands on this limited piece of goodness -

40 minutes of, reverberated, chopped & fixed, drowned-in-sound Disco & Funk edits from the 'Mighty Buha' on the brilliant 'OffSeason' D.I.Y. label.

Filled with f*nked out, spacey interludes and additional atmospherics, this tape feels like a blast from the past as much as a look into an odd, alternative future, somewhere outside of this planet, recorded under a discoball, on the dancefloor of a UFO.

To put it short, it's a damn enjoyable ride through retrospective yet futuristic sounds - like a mixtape from a parallel universe.

These come beautifully presented, and limited edition - so don't sleep!
Limited Edition of 50 x C-40 mixtapes in 2-color-linocut-printed card slip-cases.
Additional MP3/FLAC download coupon for the individual tracks.

Funked and edited by the @mighty-buha.
Mastering by Bob 'Macc' Macciochi (Subvert Central Mastering, Suffolk)
Artwork by Christoph Neuwirth.
Dubbed in realtime to Type II Chrome Bias audio cassettes.