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Mika Vainio - Reat LP

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RwdFwd proudly stocks what may be the final LP from the late and great Mika Vainio, "Reat".

Mika Vainio came to wide prominence as one half of the Pan Sonic duo, his earliest recordings and gigs dating back to the early '90s. He's consistently pushed boundaries throughout his career, spanning an impressive assortment of electronic musical disciplines including noise, techno, drone, industrial and ambient. Striking a stir with his explorations and fusions of each of these genres, his mastery and effortlessly mercurial musical nature kept him at the forefront of electronic music all the way through his two-decade-plus career.

On Reat, Mika and Elektro Music Departments treat us to a wide-spanning selection of tracks that succinctly capture the multi-faceted nature of his music. "Give 'Em Hell Echo Pappa!" is perhaps the most abrasive track of the lot, and a hell of a way to open out the album. Vainio, echoes the screaming guitar drones and reverb-gated snares of Kerridge's recent work, the subtle signifiers of post-punk and new wave coming through in the subtler production details through the prevailing industrial aesthetic.

Later on the LP, Mika softens his touch. Diderik & Iselin bears aesthetic hallmarks with classic '90s bleep techno, but through a dubbed out, hollow lens. Gear is an absolute beast of a track, a quick 6/8 step bringing a fleet-footed lightness to the pounding bass and percussion.

Reat sees Vainio continue to do what he always did best - apply a uniquely idiosyncratic bent to all of his music, and subtly construct a common narrative through seemingly disparate aesthetic tropes. It's all on display here, and we think its a fantastic way to round out an almost flawless discography - huge tip from us.

A1 Give 'Em Hell Echo Pappa
A2 A Season In Harar 1881
A3 Horse Can Stand
A4 Diderik & Iselin
B1 Gear
B2 And Around Coils Of Horns
B3 Ant Steamtrap
B4 Secondhand Twilight

Diderik & Iselin


And Around Coils Of Horns

Secondhand Twilight