• Mike Smaczylo - Half Edge

Mike Smaczylo - Half Edge

Half Edge

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An excavation from the recent vaults, this double C90 mix cassette was sent to us from RWDFWD regular and MCR's Half Edge don Mike Smaczylo, and the pack features two very, very killer mixes for different moods.

>> One tape for the after after party. Circuit melting three deck concréte blends, with broken electronics carrying haunted remnants of c12th plainsong, and free jazz decomposing into brain addled folk.

One tape for the dance-floor: straight up anarcho-hardcore anti-club music, wormhole freetekno tunnelling upwards to the inhuman transcendence of jungle.

... Sounds pretty damn good on paper doesn't it? Give it a listen and see for yourself!
Money back guarantee if you don't like it*

*Depending on how nicely you ask, and if you pass the lie-test.

Nah, seriously, this one's a goodie. 
P.S.: There's some rwdfwd-related musical heat inside the mix too, you'll hear it if you listen closely...