• Reality-Shock

Mikey General, Errol Bellot, Afrikan Simba - Know Jah 10"


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Wicked cuts from the Reality Shock crew -

Proper version excursion 10" disc, with some of the UK's veterans taking turns to bless the mic over a heavy one drop rhythm, with the soundsystem in mind.

Mikey General comes with a positive message to Mr.Sun, instantly reminding of one our favourite Don Carlos songs, he manages to get that sunshine feeling across just right, letting the vocal flow over that slow rhythm in good timing.
Errol Bellot comes with the familiar 'Know Jah' lyric, sure to turn up the vibes everytime it gets played in the session, followed by Afrikan Simba's conscious lyric about keeping your head up and working hard for personal progress and positive mindstate.

Letting the rhythm roll, the dubwise lets the Kris Kemist production run in all it's glory, horns arpeggiating into the distance via the mixing desk, showcasing just how powerful the bassline can be, even without vocal company.


Errol Bellot - Know Jah

Afrikan Simba - Work Hard

Mikey General - Mister Sun

Kris Kemist - Mister Dub