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Missterspoon - Contraband

Avon Terror Corps

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ATC - here again to let off some more much needed steam.

Blow those lockdown cobwebs right off your dusty membranes!

Seriously cantankerous gear right here, from the legend that is Missterspoon, back for the much needed tekno slap for the 2020 rave ghosts and dance music anarchists out there -
some of you will remember the name from recent ATC compilations, or perhaps even from that Neuronocide tape which she dropped off with us a few moons ago... And if you don't well here's your reminder to check one of Bristol's naughtiest machine music mavericks at work.

Check the more-than-good set of words from our friends over at Avon Terror Corps...
We can't beat that description!

"We’re baccccck! Once again! Ill behaviour! Unwell music; a sickly muck on top of everything. It can only mean one thing - the long awaited long player from our resident grot bag in chief MISSTERSPOON.

Our Spoon has been an integral part of the Bristol underbelly for many long years and we’re delighted to be able to showcase her good and proper - those who’ve witnessed her live sonic spray can attest - she’s not fucking fucking about m8 - these machines kill fascists, as well as the fine hairs that line your ears and nose. This is rave biscuits from the bottoms of yer boots and from the back of the throat - a salty glob of techno phlegm - that hydroponic slurm that’s impossible to dance clean.

First things first - this isn’t your run of the mill boom boom unce unce big room affair. These 12 tracks start as they mean to go on - dirty and improper. Not polite. Not subtle. The thick crust of distortion touches pretty much every part of the record - from the opening stomp of ‘Deranged’ right through to the gorgeous percolations of closer ‘Marker’, we’re under the control of a master at work.

If I may’, Oh!’ Is probably the heaviest club track released this year (take that Perc) - its seething percussion like a living virus crawling up your leg. ‘This and That’ sees your distorted kick drum and fires a fresh round squarely up the low end - make no mistake, Spoon has gone for ‘most fucked up drums in the world ever’ vibe with this one and she doesn’t miss.

Timely lapses in the bludgeoning emerge slowly across side 2 - ‘Laux’ entices you with its slo-mo AFX tension whilst the brilliant collaboration with Mama Matrix Most Mystical (of Salac/All Times Now Nothing fame) which is a proper crew favourite - highlights Spoons deftness of hand at creating the ultimate in caustic soundscapes. Modular creaking and dynamic pressure surround you as ’Contraband’ shines its grim light over as many corners of the sullied sonic dystopia as it possibly can - a physical texture bolsters each heaving note and every crushing drum.

As word salad threatens to render me redundant, I’ll leave you with this: Missterspoons ‘Contraband’ carries upon its back the spirit of a warehouse flooded with strobing bodies. It digs to the deepest depths of industrial wasteland - proper industrial too, like a bruise. Slow and menacing. It’ll get to you, one way or another. Join us and succumb - the Avon dance cave awaits."

Come on then, don't be a fool - support a good thing!

Comes with DL code, limited run in plastic bag with a niiice sticker and all.

1. Deranged 04:00
2. This And That 04:22
3. Last Lost 06:44
4. Travels 05:57
5. Oh! 03:19
6. Something Else Entirely 05:57
7. The Same One 02:57
8. Grind Your Base 04:11
9. Rites (ft Mama Matrix Most Mystical) 05:54
10. Laux 05:30
11. Butane 05:57
12. Marker 07:21


This And That

Grind Your Base