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Mixman - Antiquities: Dub Series 4

Blakamix International

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-- THIS IS THE CD VERSION - Original '98 First Edition ---

'The Crowning (Ceremonial Mix)' 'Dub Talkin' (Rough & Tumble Mix)' 'Akenation (3rd Dynasty Mix)'. 'Kings Dub' & 'Nile Valley'.

100% crucial unearthing from the crates of Mixman, circa 1998 on Blakamix -

We're big fans of Mixman here, Blakamix is one of those labels that put out timeless stuff, the kind of productions that still sound tough two decades later, no problem.
This record originally came out in 1998, and as far as we're aware these are original press copies.
Dennis 'Mixman' Bedeau is a badman on the mixing desk and at the production seat, there's no doubt about it - the way everything sounds rounded and warm, all those DX7 sounds come together like a humble symphony over some of the most punchy, heartfelt steppers rhythms and basslines from that 90's era of dub music produced in the UK.

From the Blakamix Station Intro, with Dennis supplying one of his signature vocals & skits, some of which are his own, and others are from the likes of his extended fam 'D. Maximillian' or 'Special A' - those little vocal skits and interjections that always give his tracks that extra bit of life and even injection of humour amidst the heavyness.
From intro, right through to the Outro, this record is pure fire - trust us on this one.

Hard to pick a favourite, but a special mention has to go to 'Dub Talkin' with it's absolutely massive energy on the bassline when it finally drops, and this one has another cool example of vocal injection. There's that Axum mix of his revered 'Falasha Dance' tune which is a big Aba soundsystem classic and which will never get old. Then there's the - surely also videogame indebted - ruff 12 bit step to tunes such as Ancient Thebes, and Twelve Tribes with their militant, space travelling approach to heavyweight dub. There's the 4th piece to another killer: Iwah 4000, and of course the 5th cut to title tune: Antiquities, in all it's X Files type steppers glory.

....We could go on, but let's leave it here - if you're a steppers fan you probably already know that this is the real deal, straight from Dennis Bedeau, the engine behind the 1&only Blakamix label & studio, from that particularly strong 90's era -

... also: look at that sleeve art!!!

Bass, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Synth – Mixman
Drum – Blakamix Computa Drumma
Horns – Kalumbo Crew
Producer, Arranged By – Dennis 'Mixman' Bedeau*


A1: Blackamix Station Intro
A2: Sheshamane Call
A3: The Crowning (Ceremonial Mix)
A4: Iwah 4000 4Th Piece
A5: Falasha Dance (Axum Mix)
A6: Dub Talkin
B1: Ancient Thebes
B2: Twelve Tribes
B3: Akenation (3Rd Dynasty Mix)
B4: Kings Dub Verse 3
B5: Antiquities 5Th Cut
B6: Blackamix Station Outro

Dub Talkin' (Rough & Tumble Mix)

Twelve Tribes


Ancient Thebes