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Mixman - Dub Like Wildfire

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The very last handful of original cassette copies of Mixman's 1991 'Dub Like Wildfire', sent over here straight from the Blakamix HQ, as part of a big box of treasures from the last three decades from this label -

Absolutely crucial set of versions from the Blakamix studio, originally out in 1991, and, if you ask us, perfectly capturing that late 80's / early 90's UK Dub sound that the likes of Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti-I, Bush Chemists, Disciples, Dred & Fred and of course the one and only Blakamix posse, with Mixman on production, were pushing forward at the time. Centred around the vibrations that these dub soundsystems were built for, and propelled into new regions by the studio technology that became available at the time, - machines such as the Yamaha DX7, the RX11 drum machine and a mix of analogue and digital fx units - delay, phasers, chorus, and of course the foundation of dub music - the mixing desk as the central tool to re-imagine the track constructions and pushing it into new zones - at around this time, similar to the 'digital explosion' of dancehall, the traditional sound of roots and steppers was moving from the vintage JA roots & steppers sound into new, more electronic realms that allowed for a new kind of creativity and a new sound within the music, and also allowed for a more compact, DIY studio set up to create the music in -
Dub Like Wild Fire features big tunes such as the dub to Zulu Warrior, with it's fast-paced percussive step and octave-riding bassline, DX7 style chimes and chords rolling off into a constant delay chain of feedback. Pure forwards momentum on this. Crash Like Thunder keeps a similar pace, but centres around a one drop style echo chamber'd snare / kick.
The title track 'Dub Like Wildfire' is an infectious, fiery track (hence the name probably) that will not allow any one in the vicinity to stand still.
We don't need to go through this release track by track, you probably already know that we're fans, and if you read this far, you probably are too. This one here is another must in the collection from the earlier years of Blakamix, and from a significant time for UK dub music.

Rare cassette copies of this gem...
And trust, this one sounds extra great on tape too - that bass sounds warm and round!

Imperial Dub
Trodding Creation
Zulu Warrior
Dub Tribe
Kill Nebucanezzer
Rivers Dub
African Princess
Crash Like Thunder
African Row Boat
Dub Like Wild Fire