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Mixman - I Wah / Herbsman Shuffle

Blakamix International

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UK Soundsystem business, 1995 -

12" reissue of a crucial Blakamix record from around the mid nineties...

Three cuts per side, all on a deep UK steppers tip, typical 90's synths and drum sounds... perhaps using the legendary Yamaha DX-7?

On the A Side, find three cuts to 'I Wah 4000' then flip it for two mixes of 'Herbsman Shuffle' and the brilliantly melancholic digi styled 'Touch The Dub 95'.

One for all the Uk soundsystem followers and appreciators!

I Wah 4000

I Wah 4000 2nd piece / 3rd piece

Herbsman Shuffle / Herbsman Shuffle Pt.2

Touch The Dub '95