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Mixman - Seek & You Will Find - The Dub Pieces

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More UK Dub treasures from the Blakamix vaults!

** original cassette copies from 1995 **

What a treat, to get our hands on some copies of this... A few years ago, we were very excited to find cassette copies of this on discogs, and had already added it to the percy collection (for a much higher price than here, mind!) and it's been rotating in the tape player ever since.
Mixman's solid production style & masterful mixing technique, and Horace Andy's unique, simply unbeatable voice work so well on the cassette format.
These dubs are highest grade, prime material.
The 80s / 90's digital & analog effects, synths and RX11 drum machine all sound round, and the mix of everything is spot on. Not to forget a keen ear for musicality as well - each rhythm hit, synthline, vocal dub or horns section (shouts to Kalumba Crew) sits so well in here. It's a real joy to listen to, from start to finish.

This one's full of gems, and everyone should be able to appreciate the quality of this one - the heads will already know what we're talking about, but wether you're a fan of reggae music or not - we think you will find what you seek in here too.

Original 1995 cassette copies.
Bass, Mixed By, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer – Mixman
Horns – Kalumbo Crew
Producer, Arranged By – Dennis "Mixman" Bedeau*
Vocals – D. Maximillian, Horace Andy, Special A.

A1 Dub Yourself
A2 Dub Is Real
A3 Unconquered Dub
A4 Withered Dub
A5 African Dub IV
B1 Live Up Dub
B2 Dub Wars
B3 Fussing And Fighting Dub
B4 Dub Dem Right
B5 Dub And You Will Find

Dub Yourself

Dub Is Real

Fussing + Fighting Dub

Dub Wars