• ML - Looted Lagoons
  • ML - Looted Lagoons
  • ML - Looted Lagoons

ML - Looted Lagoons

Kashual Plastik

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 Berlin's ML steps up on neighbourhood label Kashual Plastik with Looted Lagoons, a masterfully tripped out set of collages and hack ups that meld time and place by way of accumulated, re-organised sound - creating new walkways for your ears, new sound experiences to get lost in - 

For the eagle-eyed, it's a label ML has crossed pathes with in a collaborative sense already, but nonetheless this here is one of ML's first outings from outside of brain / studio zones,  and this CD now sits neatly alongside a recent piece for the Accidental Meetings label. 

Looted Lagoons is set in a scene of otherworldly, multi-cultural view, with roots that sprawl out from a vast set of, perhaps best described as anthropological type sources, and intertwine into something new - from far away chants and disconnected rhyhmic sources, to screwed concrete half-step, valium-powered videodrone, through to the all important narrative vocal assembly which adds to the disorientating, and somehow still informative and highly intriguing blurry eyed introspection, the demented loops form a story, a kind of pathway, or at least a dark, ever mutating type of musical tunnel vision.

Seriously tripped, and highly detailed scuzz sound stories inside this tape -
don't sleep on it (or if you do, just make sure this is playing in the background for semi-lucid listening).

Big tip for all far-out sound-seekers and deep listeners out there.

Served in true each-one-unique flame-charred metal housing.
ltd edition -

Proper DIY style, as we've come to cherish from the Kashual Plastik label already.

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