• Model Home - Live At The White Hotel
  • Model Home - Live At The White Hotel
  • Model Home - Live At The White Hotel

Model Home - Live At The White Hotel


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Genre defying, mind-bending, freeform explorations of rhythm, vocals and texture from the unclassifiable Model Home.

If you've caught their previous LPs on Disciples you'll have a vague idea of what to expect here but arguably this live recording of them made at The White Hotel earlier this year offers an even more focussed view of their world - strap yourself in for the ride and enjoy.

This is all described far more eloquently here by the one, Selphic Sid - read the below, and check the clips - that said, snippets won't do this one justice, the best way to experience Model Home is live, the second best way is with this here cassette in your tape deck...

"I've tried and failed many times to get into the essence of what Model Home IS. I mean obviously, it's music, it's ungraspable, waveforms disrupting the air and sending me off on another thought tangent. A fool's errand, thee impossible dream, but as long as I'm a disciple I won't stop trying. I love all the concise Model Home tracks that are like little chunks of almost-hits, recognisable hooks appearing through the sonic murk. Y'know: "Couch", "Night Break", "Shine", that kind of bag. But the purest distillation of the project in full untethered sprawling beauty is the live incarnation, astral travellers as in tune to the cosmos vibrating above these ugly wires as any arkestra, stretched out and boundless, riding the moment and splitting the atom inside a blip a beat a vocal tic. Hence including "Yard 1" in all it's twelve minute and fifty-four second glory on Saturn In The Basement.

Current Spotify plays on that track at the time of typing - 1,495 - even Daniel fucking Ek provides me with daily evidence that we are doomed as a species. Anyway, dodging for a second the algorithmic strangulation which will probably soon choke the life out of this evangelical* imprint, the dates that NAPPYNAPPA and PAT CAIN performed in the rotting kingdom earlier this year further expanded on the mind-flipping magnitude of the duo burning bright and true around a table of microphone, tapes and homemade electronics. Each set so different: sometimes atonal free jazz communism in full effect, sometimes syncopated and bumping the dancefloor into strange shapes, from a near rave in Bristol to jamming with Dee Byrne at Oto. NGL there wasn't the best turnout at a former car mechanics in Salford midweek but best crew and a dynamite sound system made for probably the best show of the whole run, Baz got every detail so sweet: kicks from one corner of the room, claps from another, slowed down horns on cassette woozily sticking bits of sound together, layer upon layer, distinct but hazy, taste it on the end of your tongue, cloudlike rhythms, drum machine as punchy as an empty crisp packet blown up and popped, Nappa's sermon on the mic carving a path through the fog.

THIS RECORDING is the essence of Model Home, right here, the sound of modern life, brain thinking bomb-like, a second and a half of a melody, not identified, headphone bleed on the bus. incessant scrolling, fractured shards of information, all the very acidic above the shoulders mustard shit. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Model Home.

-- Selpic Sid

*missionaries for the records not some silly sod in the sky"


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