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Model Home - Saturn In The Basement


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DC's DIY dons Model Home step forward on DISCIPLES once more, following up oddball curveballs 'One Year' and those Returned Versions excursions, with this fxcked up piece of sludge and left-leaning headbangerz, drifting and cruising across nine hallucinogenic-grade jams on this utterly singular, fearlessly experimental album for twisted minds, aptly titled 'Saturn In The Basement' -


From the label themselves - "Further collaborative experiments in liberated sound, vision, and performance. This is the second compilation of tracks drawn from the Washington DC crew’s continuing series of self-released mixtapes, including an unreleased collaboration with Japanese post-punk icon Phew, plus guest appearances from Michael R Bernstein (Double Leopards/Religious Knives), and Mike Petillo (Geo Rip/Project U). The basis of the group’s sound continues to be the free form FX-warped flow of MC NAPPYNAPPA and the abstracted beats and synths of Pat Cain. Follows releases on Future Times, Don Giovanni, Purple Tape Pedigree, and the One Year compilation on Disciples."


EU Crew, catch them live in a town near you this summer - 


3/6 Bad Bonn Kilbi, Dudingen, Switzerland
4/6 Raindogs, Savona, Italy
5/6 Radio Blackout HQ, Turin, Italy
7/6 Beaches Brew Ravenna Italy
8/6 The White Hotel, Manchester, UK
9/6 Strange Brew, Bristol, UK
10-11/6 Cafe Oto, London, UK (two day residency)


Layout by Studio Tape-Echo.
Printed reverse board sleeve.
Comes with DL.

Tracklist - 

1. pidgin (feat. NAPPYNAPPA)
2. keep pushin (feat. NAPPYNAPPA)
3. couch (feat. NAPPYNAPPA & Michael R Bernstein)
4. fly on the wall (feat. NAPPYNAPPA & Michael R Bernstein)
5. false reign (feat. NAPPYNAPPA)
6. naked intentions (feat. NAPPYNAPPA & Phew)
7. yard 1 (feat. NAPPYNAPPA)
8. big deluge (feat. NAPPYNAPPA)
9. thank u (feat. NAPPYNAPPA & Mike Petillo)