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Model Home X Pure Rave


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Disciples follow up that killer 'One Year' LP from DC Duo Model home (if you've not checked it yet, you're in for a treat) with this cassette, tasking the experimental Detroit turntablist crew Pure Rave with re-working the LP tracks into new shapes through as only they can.

Think DMC turntablist championship meets DADA, a sonic bricolage coaxed from a maze of manipulated decks, delay units, purposefully damaged records - the exploration of the One Year LP presented here for your listening pleasure a sort of DJ screw meets William Burroughs cut up voyage into the very outer-realms of hip-hop, industrial and beyond.

If you're intrigued (you should be) then read on for some words from the Disciples themselves -

'Model Home’s recently released 'One Year' album disassembled by Detroit experimental turntable crew Pure Rave. The productions on 'One Year' were already pretty fractured and abstracted, but these in-house selectors for Wolf Eyes annual Trip Metal Festival take it one step further out-field into a world of locked groove stutter and over-lapping sonics, refracting the original work through a maze of mirrors.

Pure Rave, a collective based in Detroit, Michigan, is an ongoing experiment in "chance dance". Using various prepared turntables, "damaged" records and the occasional drum machine. Real-time experimentation with the goal of hitting your pleasure center for whatever your brain thinks is interesting. For this commission, Disciples were asked to send them two copies of the One Year LP, which they then manipulated live to create the two sides of this mixtape. Each side of the cassette is titled after the respective mission statements of the crews involved, side 1 taking on Model Home’s “a collaborative experiment in liberated sound, vision, and performance“ and on the flip Pure Rave’s “an indeterminate arrangement of patterns and rhythmic sonic collage”.

The All Gone label have also described Pure Rave as “mutant rhythm skips subconscious & subliminal drones archaic synth tones are you paranoid yet? a late night White Castle run turns sour when your favorite burnt techno cdr starts skipping & your date says just take me home please ! so for you it’s back to the smog & chemical perfume of Southwest & Downriver, alone & once again left to your broken devices.”

Broken flow for broken times, the incessant focus on individual rhythmic tics makes listening to the tape akin to taking part in some kind of Ipcress File brainwashing experiment, blasted by white light & ever-returning phrases looming out of inner space.'

C30 cassette with printed onbody,
housed in a digital printed O card,
designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

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