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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman - YEK 2 (Nonplace 12")


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Equipped with one drum only and laser-pattern electronics, two masters of focused rhythm step up for the 2nd instalment in their YEK drum quests -

YEK 2 is now repressed and available again.

Iranian experimental percussion master Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (check that killer Padre Himalaya 12" we have here too) and Burnt Friedman are a great combination - there's real dedication to a craft that can be attributed to both parties, and when they get together, the results are a fine concoction of psychedelic, pin-point
percussive & minimialist dubwise exploration.

"Mortazavi and Friedman move hands and faders according to odd cyclical rhythms with incredible accuracy. The extreme dynamic range and rhythmic congruency of drum and electronics merge Mortazavi`s and Friedman's repertoire entirely. Complete in

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