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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - Focus

Padre Himalaya

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Outernational rhythm science from Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Crucial dynamics!

Padre Himalaya's third release counts with the Iran-born, Berlin-based, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.
An internationally acclaimed artist who, when it comes to play the traditional Persian instruments, Tonbak and Daf, can single-handedly build an orchestra of sounds that are just as illusionistic as shamanistic.

In this Ep, "Focus", Mohammad brings us five lush percussion tracks. Expect complex and meditative rhythms in a journey between the throbbing minimal sounds of "Going", "Rebounce", "Floating In The Now" and the elusive hypnotic movements of ‘White Daf’ and ‘Birth Of a Whale".

Total killer.



Floating In The Now

Birth Of A Whale