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Mondoriviera - Il tempio degli uomini granchio


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Straight in the post from the Turin/Rome based label Riforma

Mondoriviera is the post-electronic solo project of Lorenzo Camera, formerly of the bands Ponzio Pilates and Manuel Pistacchio, influenced with a lo-fi attitude by both vintage horror imagery and pro-vaporwave psychedelia.

From the first listenig Mondoriviera world left us unsettled and astonished. His first solo album is an unpredictable jewel: Lorenzo process music, guitar and virtual instruments entangling magic sounds and weird imaginary. Psychedelic in his proper way, Il tempio degli uomini granchio is a cinetic album, dwelled from abstract characters and displaced movements.

After the vinyl and digital release, a lot of videoclip (such a 3d hyper-non-real trip edited by Lorenzo himself), new tracks spread via compilation and reworks (yet on Riforma, but also on ArteTetra ExoEso3 and last Sun Ark release - Son of Checkmate Eternal Warriors by Polonius) Riforma suggest another input to approach this multidirectional project. Repressed and remastered “Il tempio degli uomini granchio” is now also a tape object, enhanced from Eurasiandesert's tribal granular sketch uv printed on tape and the crazy new artwork curate by ycszw.

Originally released by Brutture Moderne (2020)

Repressed on tape by Riforma (2021)
Cover artwork by ycszw, cassette uv artwork by Eurasiandesert
Master by Giancarlo Brambilla (Kuthijinani)


1. Yog Sothot (02:03)
2. Emporion (02:32)
3. Semitraslucido jam (04:06)
4. Flaminio (01:24)
5. Verissimo (03:02)
6. Conca (01:00)
7. Legato Lanio (02:03)
8. I ghoul stanno guardando un film (03:04)
9. La Stanza di voldo (02:52)
10. Half Pipe (04:08)
11. Multimedi Evil (03:08)
12. Krupus (03:51)
13. Sbloccato: Respira sott'acqua (03:26)

Yog Sothot


I ghoul stanno guardando un film

Half Pipe