• Monkeytek - Music For The Stars

Monkeytek - Music For The Stars


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The second tape in Portland's Pdxindub series, 'Music For The Stars' features absolutely astral selections from across the musical spectrum.

A deep dive into the underworld of dub, an excursion into the heat of the saharan desert followed by a venture through the streets of London, deep at night, just before going to rest behind a soundsystem in Kingston, Jamaica and getting the next plane to a smoked out studio full of analogue gear, situated in Leipzig, Germany.

This mix encompasses a grand mix of rhythms and vibrations.
Strictly high-grade selections from the man like Monkeytek, once again.

Side 1 kicks off with tracks from Woo, King Tubby and Once 11, before launching sidelong into a coupla digital rockers from Disrupt, electrocumbia a la Chancha Via Circuito and finishes thusly with a dubplate cut from Timeblind.
Side 2 begins somewhere in Iran with Daryoush Talai’i & Djamchid Chemirani before drifting through Echospace, Substance & Vainqueur, FBOM, Ovr Thrustr, Faust & finally Muslimgauze.


Side B Snippets