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Montezumas Rache - Wu Du Wu

Second Circle

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Timely repress of a highly desired disc!

What a great record!
We kind of got our hands on this one by chance, one of us was on a trip to Amsterdam, naturally popped in to Red Light Records to find some new records and take a few bits of our stock over there (we're friends now).
Whilst sipping on a Heineken and listening to some records in there, Tako pulled out some of the Red Light 'in house' stuff from the Music From Memory label, and this one on the sub-label entitled 'Second Circle'.
This was the first record on the label, back in 2014, and it's been going for mad money on discogs (it is a very good record, but that's a lot of money!) but thankfully the record has been repressed, and we got given some fresh copies to take home and offer to you and yours directly.

Musically, it's a vital disco themed cut, taking an afro-centric lean with a spaced out balearic twist, this one was recorded in Düsseldorf & Lissabon around 2009, with a bunch of musicians perusing the instruments and effects in combination.
Funnily enough, one week prior to the Amsterdam trip we'd been to a Dirtytalk party in a Hell's Angels club in Bristol, and Jan Schulte, who is partly responsible for the production on this record, was one of the Dj's on location taking the dancers through the night alongside french veteran DJ Gilb'r (Same rwdfwd crew member once met him in Moss, Norway on a similar excursion) - funny how life can take these little journeys sometimes!

anyway, enough story time -

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High-quality stuff.

Wu Du Wu