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Long lost Moon Ra tape, discovered in our vaults -

This one came out some time last year, slipped our net in the cassette box.
Moon Ra aka Marie e le Rose on Tapeworm, delivering this really fine piece of skewed, psychoacoustic experimental sonics.

"I have attempted to communicate – through the sound synesthesia and its movements — the same sensations and disorientation that we can try in times of difficulty and suffering. However, in every track there is a strong dose of energy and struggle, obtained from the timbre and dynamics of many analog instruments (not least the Buchla at EMS in Stockholm). I also used sounds from acoustic instruments, effects, tapes, Walkmans, reel-to-reel recorders, a modular synth and more…

My aim is to work on the perceptions of the listener, making them participate with the emotions – main actors in the relationship between suffering and struggle." – Marie e le Rose, Florence, 30 May 2018."

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1. Intro
2. Need To Fight Inside & Outside The Windows Of The Inverted Spirit
3. Acid Casual Caustic
4. Apex Domina
5. Caustic First Shot Of Fire In My Arms With The Questions In My Hands & In My Back
6. Digital Answers/Analog Answers
8. Obviously Disoriented About The Opinions Of The Main Roads Of The Happy Prince
9. Chiusa
10. About 40mg (Kairos edit)

Need To Fight Inside And Outside The Windows Of The Inverted Spirit


Digital Answers Analog Answers

10 About 40mg (Kairos Edit)