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Moresounds - Zion Charge

Lion Charge

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Deadly dubwise half stepping clobber from the unstoppable force that is Moresounds on the reliable Lion Charge label.

Previously sighted on Astrophonica as well as on Etch’s Bun The Grid label dropping nothing but heat, the Parisian turns his hand to more dub influenced sounds this time around.

Exploring both 170 and 140bpm territory on this plate, ‘Zion Charge’ works a mean triplet arrangement at about 85 beats per minute, staccato hats pull along taught snare hits and percolating chord stabs and dangerous basses for maximum bass bin damage.

On the flip, things get a little slower with ‘Far Away Dub’ which uses the same sonic palette to great effect (the snare on this one is a killer).

Best release on Lion Charge for a minute, get involved…

Zion Charge

Far Away Dub