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Morgan Louis - Only 1

White Material

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>>Includes 3 locked grooves<<

After a frustrating hiatus, Young Male and DJ Richard’s White Material is back with four deep-as-you-like analog tracks for the proper heads and small hours freaks.

‘Only1’ kicks off the proceedings with dazzling high end ear candy and bruising kick drums while 3Sex shrouds a thumping drum pattern in percolating organ stabs and washed out vocal snippets, deeply immersive and absolutely vital…

Flip the disc over for the urgent melody and sparse metallic reverb of Donnoo, teasing the ears with subtle filtering and relentless sub. The EP closes on a melancholic high - ‘Not U I Won’t 123’ works a wistful chord sequence around more crafty filter and side-chain work for the wee hours crew, calling to mind the finer DNTEL cuts mixed with a bit of Lawrence…Magic.




Not U I Won't 1,2,3