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Mørkeblå - 'Nowhere, OK'

Where To Now?

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The italian producer with a danish name - 'Mørkeblå' makes his mark on WTN imprint with a 25 minute journey through shifting spheres and crystalline clouds of frequency.
Delicate and intricate in detail, the sonics that present themselves to the listener have a huge scope and authoritative feel, casting shadows and projecting light within the flicker of a moment, elevating and vapourising into the aura before sinking back upon ground level like an invisible blanket of sound...

Check the words from WTN, accompanying the tracks and highlighting valid reference points -

'Permanent Liminality' leads the 25 minute journey with it's cinematic, Vangelis-esque opening, where end of life gasps of breath pierce through a dense choral hum, conjuring the ghosts of Brian Eno's 'Music for Airports' before morphing into a dry, desolate, Ballardian expanse of unease & dread...

'A fish hook in my finger' picks up where things have been left, again continuing this theme of the end. The breathing returns, this time manifesting as a guttural death rattle, life passes on as pulses of electricity signify the end.

The next appears, again, as a bleak, industrial, burnt out desolate land. This is desperate music for future times.

One for fans of early Oneohtrix Point Never, Coil, Vangelis, David Lynch soundtracks etc.

Truly compelling soundscape material.
Ominous and cinematic, intense but cleansing nonetheless.

Printed clear C25 Cassettes.
Two colour risograph inlay.
Limited to 60 copies.
Includes download.

Permanent Liminality
A Fish Hook In My Finger


Permanent Liminality

A Fish Hook In My Finger