• Mother - Live 23'
  • Mother - Live 23'

Mother - Live 23'


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We're very chuffed to have this tape on offer here from FELT, a label that spawned via the house of Rubadub up in Glasgow, ran by Perko who is on intl excursions atm, but has close connections with the Glasgow crew of course.
With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to see this tape come to life - celebrating the musical deep dive attitude of underground don Mother - himself a longtime Rubadub / Glasgow scene provider and contributer, a record pusher for years and a baddass DJ and producer too. But you won't hear him shout about it (which is why we are).

'Mother - Live '23' captures two live shows from recent time, and manifests them on this well-presented tape (something the format is practically made for, if you ask us!).
Put on your ice skates (but beware, this black ice is a precarious road to travel on) pull up your hoodie and tie your laces tight, because these recordings take the trod down some proper frosty territory of frequency shifting dubwise music - Intense, on edge, otherworldly vibes await. A very rewarding world that feels like slow motion avalanches coming down at us, but in a dream like, surrealist way.
Proper absorbing.

Sub zero WEIGHTless-ness inside.

"A - Live at The Old Hairdressers
B - Live at La Chunky

Side A was recorded live at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on 22nd April 202
Side B was recorded live by Murray Collier at La Chunky in Glasgow on 2nd June 2023

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