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MrSpoon - Neuronocide

The Ark Records

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Raw Bristol underground techno from around the block!

Next up on Ark Tapes, it's local head MrSpoon doing the business - often seen in our local record and hardware spots 'Idle Hands' and 'Elevator Sound' or interfering with the comedown crew via means of a special live show at the afterhours in the recent L.I.E.S. showcase here for NYD - this may be MrSpoon's first proper foray outside of Bristol's underground music scene, but Bristolians with an ear to to the ground should already be well aware.

Suitably packaged in pharmaceutical style, this unhinged 90min splurge of techno and darkside overdose-ambience, flows in one continuous stream of  altered consciousness -
this is proper off-kilter technoid tribal gear from the get-go -
5am warehouse business.

If you want a real piece of below the radar Bristol gear from a true head in the scene, then you couldn't at all go wrong by giving this a try.

Stamped cassette labels.
Contains insert.
Strictly limited cassette

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