• MTF - Under The Blue Moon

MTF - Under The Blue Moon

Limbo Tapes

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Warm and immersive cassette transmission from MTF curated over a period of time by our pals at Limbo Tapes - A freeform exploration of jungle, modular techno and the fringes of dubwise -

In short, if you dig any of those things - this beauty of a tape will sound very good to your ears. Ave' a listen to the clips below and get lost in the magic (hot trip on track 2 especially).

Some more from Limbo if you need some further persuasion -

"We are proud to present the debut album from Bristol based hardware explorer, MTF. A dozen tracks of modular magic, time signature trickery and synthesised escapes.

We met Sam through serendipity some years ago, and some arresting demo tapes emerged. Since then, this collection album tracks have come together to be a very personal collection for MTF, and are some of the most shadowy, mind-melting, hard hitting tracks we've had the pleasure of presenting."

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Side A




Slow Frying Fish


Rabbit Shoes


Make It STOP!




Don't Fade Away


Side B




There Is Nothing That Doesn't Change


ToOo MUch AcCcid


Scraping The Barrel Of My Heart


Simple Things


Simple Things