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The highly anticipated album from Mumdance and Logos is finally here in the shape of a double disc pack from Tectonic recordings. After a slew of killer singles on the likes of XL, Rinse and their own ‘Different Circles’ label, the pair return to Tectonic for their finest work to date.

Taking in a couple of decades of dancefloor influence and re-interpreting it with astonishing clarity, we have eight tracks that run the gamut from electro to hardcore and beyond. Opening with the bleep & bass infused ‘Border Drone’ through to the old skool flavours of ‘Energy (89 mix), your ears are in for a treat. This isn’t some sample pack, cut and paste pastiche, it’s the real deal, crafted using original hardware, Rolands, Akais ­- the quality of sound design here is simply stunning.

The third track ‘Chaos Engine’ pairs golden era Headz mentasams with that unmistakable Mumdance bass, a proper bit of jungle fused with a forward- looking grime 2.0 sound and attitude, strictly underground sounds. The uncompromising assault on the dancefloor is continued in the crushing stomp of ‘Move Your Body’, a muscular peak time…well, to call this a banger would do it a massive injustice.

What is most striking about Proto, aside from the sheer quality of sounds used in its, making is the pace. It doesn’t feel like a string of DJ tools shoehorned onto two plates (although all the tracks here are great on the Technics), nor is it riddled with interludes and ‘album’ fodder. The unexpected twists and turns in the track arrangements hold your attention over repeated listens, which expose hidden depths in each track every time.

An essential document of one of the most vital and important strains of the UK underground, we have played our copy (almost) to death already!

Border Drone

Dance Energy (89 Mix)