• Mungo's Hi Fi - Forward Ever LP

Mungo's Hi Fi - Forward Ever LP

Scotch Bonnet

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Absolute Killer LP featuring nuff top artists and many of Mungo’s best riddims!

Kicking things off in fine style with a special from dancehall-originator ‘Sugar Minott’ and proceeding to include recently rising stars such as ‘Charlie P’, ‘Mr Williamz’ and Stand High Patrol’s ‘Pupa Jim’ alongside many others, this is an accomplished Album, filled to the brim with big hitters and quality vocal tracks.

Pure sound system pressure from the Scotch Bonnet Camp, based in Glasgow but reaching far further with a worldwide reputation and international collaborations stretching to New York and beyond.
This album is a must-have for fans of Mungo’s Hi Fi and their modern take on Digi-Dancehall and Reggae music with a focus on rough-and-tough basslines and high energy vocals.

Gatefold 2x Vinyl LP with full colour artwork featuring the extended Mungo’s Family, portrayed by ‘Ellen G’.
Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

Scrubadub Style ft. Sugar Minott
Everyman Different ft. Rasta Pacey
Skidip ft. Charlie P
Computer Age ft. Mr Williamz
Gimme Gimme ft. Kenny Knots
Boat People ft Pupa Jim
Scream ft. YT
Dem No Like It ft. Omar Perry
Bad Bad Boy ft. Soom T
New York Boogie ft. Ranking Levy
Warm Up ft. Zeb and Scotty
Session Pon Top ft. Biga Ranx
Soundboy police ft. SoomT
Musically Mad ft. Mr Williamz
High Grade ft. Gentleman's Dub Club

Sugar Minott / Pacey / Kenny Knots

Pupa Jim / Mr Williamz / Omar Perry

Ranking Levy / YT / Gentleman's Dub Club

Soom T / Charlie P / Zeb & Scotty