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Mungo's Hi Fi - Rules Of The Dance / Kahn Remix

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Mungo's, Charlie P, Kahn -

New 12" on Mungo's Hi Fi's Scrub A Dub imprint, serving up the heavier dubwise cuts from Scotland's No.1 Soundsystem and family.

On a rub-a-dub meets dubstep tip, the Mungo's Hi Fi original cut comes in a tip darker and heavier than their usual  output, spacious snares and a heavy bassline make up the main ingredient, but the odd 808 tom drum and digi-dancehall sounds pop in to remind us of their influences.
Charlie P, who we heard through the grapevine had a bit of a rough throat that day, comes in on Flowdan style and approach with a cooler attitude on the mic than his usual, more energetic and lively attitude on the mic.

Flip the disc for a heavyweight Kahn remix...

Sure to wreck a dance or two.

Rules Of The Dance

Rules Of The Dance (Kahn Remix)