• Music From Saharan Cellphones: Vol. 2

Music From Saharan Cellphones: Vol. 2

Sahel Sounds

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Contemporary pop music from the Sahara desert, where songs are stored on cellphones and passed around via Bluetooth or uploaded from pirate's laptops in shady backstreets. Collected in Northern Mali in 2010 (since taken over by extremists who've banned music on cellphones) the second volume expands into new sonic territory - from dreamy Niger guitar ballads, Bamako club juke, to hi energy Moroccan child Raï - with a focus on the Autotuned DIY creations circulating the desert.

Includes nice insert explaining the story behind this compilation and the process of acquiring the music for it.

A reminder of what the love for music can inspire and create, especially in a world where the internet has not got it's grips on almost all information that converses it...

For the collectors and international music appreciators!

1.Mdou Moctar - Anar
2.Mouma Bob - Imidiwane
4.Hasso Akotey - Amidine
5.Lakal Kaney - Soul Tamashek
6.DJ Mopao - Peguele
7.Koudédé - Souvernir Nam Adjosa
8.Pheno S. - Waihidjo
9.Iba One - All (Remix)
10.Cheba Wassila - Hwa Heda

Mdou Moctar - Anar

Lakhal Kaney - Soul Tamshek

Koudede - Souvenir Nam Adjosa

Dj Mopao - Peguele