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  • MXLX - At Time Temple

MXLX - At Time Temple


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Delivered to our doorstep just the other day, we have rare copies of the 215 MXLX album 'At Time Temple' on offer for you here now -

If you don't already know about MXLX - you checked that album on FuckPunk?) - MXLX is relentless in the quest for creation of music, always exploring, taking in all kinds of influences, digested with heaps of natural talent, and singular vision, then spat and screamed and whispered out iout into something new...

The ladder of energy is high and reaches deep here, but wether its in the high octane first minutes, the harmonic black metal drones or the disarming fizz and crackle as the electric saz & vocal dirge begins underneath it all towards the end of '666 Quest / Zone Away'.

Another One of the realest, and a certified bristol underground legend by now if you ask us.

'At Time Temple' is another masterpiece from one of the realest in town, record breaking album maker MXLX (aka Knife Liibrary, aka Won't aka Fairhorns, Team Brick etc) -

Or, quote from MXLX direct:

"Psychedlicish crusty blackish metalish songish turkish"

...Our advice: make time for this time temple.

Limited run of 100 copies.
DIY artwork. 

1. Disastrchasr // Bad Sigil 21:30mins

2. 666 Quest // Zone Away 15:15mins

Electric Saz, Bass guitar, Drums, Vocals, Field Recordings Recorded & Mixed by Mark at Soundsavers Mastered by James King


Disastrchasr // Bad Sigil Clip 1


Disastrchasr // Bad Sigil Clip 2


666 Quest // Zone Away Clip 1


666 Quest // Zone Away Clip 2