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Widescreen grime from NA, one half of Nguzunguzu -

Fresh 5 tracker on Fade To Mind, coming like a somewhat more apocalyptic version of Ruff Sqwad's most gully riddims, razor sharp 8 bar structures drawn out for the sonic architects and low-end freaks.

Cellar explores a 'kinetic and brooding journey through the ominous side of club music, a personal vision of dystopia and angst.'
The above statement rings true on first listen, whilst the references are clear and the energies of golden era grime very apparent, there is a darker, more surreal edge to this EP, with hollow reverbs and crystalline sounds filling up the space that may otherwise have been left to the MC, or occupied by the warm crackle of the FM signal, caught from the other end of town.

The concept of this release is based around the exploration of spaces and rooms in different corners of a dungeon complex, and we could actually imagine this as a wicked soundtrack for the original DOOM, or something like that.

But let's put the story aside for a second, this is club music right?
Exactly, hype-hype riddims for the dancefloor to point them gunfingers and wind them waists, nothing less.

Each of the cuts is sure to wreak a bit of havoc in the dance, and the unstoppable bounce of 'Definite Sentence' might be our favourite for this purpose... Although those alarming midi-horns on the aptly titled 'Brass Claim' are probably surefire material in a grimy setting too.

Served in printed sleeve, shrinkwrapped.

A1. Cellar Theme
A2. Brass Claim
B1. Menace
B2. Definite Sentence
B3. NA in a mood

Cellar Theme

Brass Claim


Definite Sentence