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Naaahhh - Themes

Blackest Ever Black

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This Naaahhh EP is a quiet triumph in a flawless recent run of new talent for Blackest Ever Black - less a label and more a movement that might take a few years to fully appreciate.

Themes is only 4 tracks deep but packs the subtlety of a fully-fledged LP - unfolding with the dark ambient cinematics of Laibach (but fully versed in the collapse of the hardcore continuum). Blackest are calling it “Paranoid street music” and they’re not far off; the sinister paisley cover photo ft. half-rolled L plates neatly encapsulates this eerie, near-beatless trip.

Highlights include the marauding subs on ‘Neck Devour’ clashing with cinematic string stabs that closely recall the Caretaker’s time bound compositions. ‘Theme 2’ packs all the lurching paranoia of a fistfull of downers on a Stephen King fairground ride.

Details on Naaahhh are intentionally thin on the ground - we reckon these soundscapes show the maturity of some incognito film composer.

RIYL the Caretaker, Death of Rave, horror soundtracks at the wrong speed.

comes with DL code, ready to soundtrack your paranoid late night street walks via headphones.


Empty Rituals

Neck Devour

Theme 2